Instagram Performance- Online Degree Show

Maria Paraschidou, Screen Recording, part of my Instagram performance, 7th of May 2020, Athens.

The idea of creating a different online exhibition occupied me for a while. My work during quarantine focused mainly on my self and the exploration of my concerns during such periods. Testing exhibitions with the data I gathered, proved more and more that this was not what I wanted to show as my Degree Show.

The idea of trying a new medium of art, performance art, was something that I wanted to explore lately, however, nothing before this situation could have a link to my practice and performance art.

Through this preformative piece I experienced moments of pleasure, enjoyment, devastation and fear. Such feelings are definitely evident during creating art of any medium, however, during performance art the self exposure on the public world is an extra weight to carry.


@mariooopar, Instagram Page, Maria Paraschidou, 2020

Because of the outbreak situation, I wanted to express myself, my concerns and experiences through a medium of art that was the closest to me during the period. Instagram seemed like the perfect venue for an alternative exhibition commentating upon self representation in contemporary life.

My performance took part on the 7th and 8th of May and was initially planed to be on for 24 hours non stop, however, after being very tiered I stopped at 7 am and started again at 1 pm the next day. I completely stopped the performance after the 26 hours of being active with posting an image every 5 minutes.
Obviously there where things that went wrong and situations that were difficult to handle during dealing with the performance as well.
I was completely dedicated to my phone for the entire activity.
I hated it after that.


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