Exposure ADZ6888 Final 1

Post 1: A proposal related to the exhibition you would have presented if COVID-19

confinement had not occurred.

My work before Covid-19 outbreak was focusing on slow image-making procedures through film photography that was mainly black and white. It was an exploration of the original and physical creation of depiction of reality, that occurred as an opposition to my contemporary life style. Being overloaded by random digital information, countless image availability and bombardment, I felt fatigue and disgusted.

I wanted to explore the romantic and nostalgic side of real photography. I wanted to explore the routes and create my own physical data of image that can be physically edited and duplicated, but will never be the same image.

Little Protests,

This is a series of pictures highlighting the individual’s artistic touch found in the street. I looked closely and carefully in every alley and hidden street to photograph public marks that avow need of creative expression in public space. I perceive that public space vandalism, as people denominate it usually, is a very creative means of questioning and criticising the society’s fallacious apprehension about public space use and public space beauty.

Little Protests series, Maria Paraschidou, Canon AE-1 Program, B&W Retro Film 400, Cardiff, 2019.

As I was working with developing my own pictures I started finding interest in the anomalies of the outcome. I would develop one set of film several times to create different outcomes of the same image, this procedure gave me incredible outcomes of distorted images like the pictures underneath.

My initial idea for the Degree Show exhibition was to create a street scene, almost like an installation piece, where I would create a chaotic background, foul of paint and graffiti, that would be contrasting with two big black and white paintings inspired by my photographs.

I soon changed my mind and started thinking more about exhibiting the actual developed photographs potentially with not such a messy background. I had several ideas, I made a research in creating my own billboards to place my pictures in as well as print the in a big scale and a more professional way. Both ideas were extremely expensive, thus, I had to come up with a more doable idea.

My work were more and more focusing on photography rather than painting, as a result I started trying out ways of displaying pictures.

I tried out making collages on the wall with the small versions of the pictures. I tried different rooms and lightnings, I also took part in an exhibition with a combination of photography and video art as my artworks.

This led to my final idea before the Covid-19 outbreak.

I had two planed trips to go to Berlin and then Athens over Easter time, where I would document different street environments with my film camera as well as video document my experiences through an old analogue video camera. I was thinking of creating a series of contemporary image captured through a contrasting way of creating image that would be slow and imperfect.

The final visualisation of the exhibition could look something like the picture that follows.

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