Exposure ADZ6888 Final- 2

Post 2: a written statement about your artistic practice. The statement must be no more than 300 words long.

#288notthatmany, Instagram Performance, Maria Paraschidou, Athens, 2020.

Is my life my artistic practice?

Photography enables me to document my life and approach reality from an artistic perspective.

My practice is currently formed by different types of photography. I use photography to capture the beauty of reality that I find in everyday moments, I try to focus on little details that we usually slip by during our everyday routines. I try to find my framed material within my normality and expose moments of personal pleasure and interest.

My work is greatly influenced by my addictions of contemporary life that is heavily linked to social media representation and privacy exposure. Thus, I lately chose to create a preformative piece, captured simply with my phone camera, in order to explore my activity on-line through the original medium of use, the phone. By way of my online performance of posting countless images on Instagram for twenty-four hours, I created a discourse upon themes of overindulgence of image, decadence of the communication networks as well as obsession with self representation and promotion.

Using low quality digital photography I wanted to highlight the aesthetics of our era. When everything takes place online, there is no longer need for a physical venue to host an exhibition. My exhibition was a celebration of the banality of the new era, and simultaneously a critique upon the absence of physical quality and creativity when everything has been done before.

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