Consolidation ADZ6333- Final 6

Influenced by these artists I created the Artsteps exhibition of my house experience with house objects and food as well as the Black and White exhibition with the film pictures. Two different examples of how I would present work physically before the Covid-19 outbreak.

Chuck Close – Photo-mosaics

I was interested in Close’s practise because of his strong will to create art even after his health problems. Close’s work reveals an interest in technical skills that he was forced to developed in order to create photo-realistic art. Like Close uses small abstract shapes to create layers that would then reveal a form of a realistic portrait, I was inspired to use a lot of similar pictures to create collages. The collages I created over the quarantine period is a project under development that does not make sense yet, however, I hope to develop it further. I would like to create a larger outcome with digital collages that would form an image like Close does.

Wolfgang Tillmans

I found balance in Tillmans’s photography, he inspired me to create a photography process routine of taking pictures of simple everyday objects like food, under natural light and a background of reality. His work extends in different projects, inspired by the Still Life one, that is an ongoing project since 1999, I was looking on how to photograph my personal space in the house. A lot of times he places objects next to the strong natural light of a window to create pure colours. A lot of times I did the opposite thing, where I would photograph objects that are already in a place with no natural light. I was hoping that the environment would create a feeling of sadness and disappointment that I felt during quarantine period.

Thomas Hirshhorn

I was impressed by Hirschhorn’s collages, the exposure of reality through very strong and violent moments was shocking. There is obviously the question of what is ethically right to show or not in an artistic image, however, Hirschhorn brakes the standards and chooses to expose the reality in order to commentate on the discussion of how reality is hidden or shown on media and what is acceptable as an image and what is not. For example, he creates pieces of collages that expose images of war conflict and violence, that would appear pixelated if they were uploaded online, and on contradistinction he pixelatets forms of fashion advertisements that would be displayed on huge scale billboards.

Krista Van der Niet

Fruit-2008-C-Krista-van-der-Niet-866x592Krista Van der Niet, Fruit, 2008, Contemporary Dutch Photography.

Rebecca Rutten

Fast Food Culture in Renessance Style

I was trying to find photography artists that use food as models. I found the work of the two artists mentioned above very innovative and visually interesting. The display of still life objects placed in a contemporary environment reveal a humoristic critique on our westernised way of eating and consuming.

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