Consolidation ADZ6333- Final 5

There are several artists that influenced my work to move from painting to experimental photography and performance art.

Patty Chang

Chang herself started as a painter that later was influenced by performance art and changed her practice. I really like her early works, the pictures, and the videos have the 1990s and 2000s style of image with greeny and blue colors. I like her shocking images that contain nudity, drugs, cigarettes, and objects symbolizing body parts. I started looking at her work when working with color photography, but through her work, I started finding interest in technology that I never liked before. I started using a low quality image, coming from phones that were very popular at the start of the 2000s.

Stage Fright #2, 2003.

Larry Clark

I really like his shocking photography as well as the way he makes collages with them. It is interesting that the pictures are black and white but you can still feel elements of blood and flesh. He exposes the raw youth of the time showing the violence and over sexuality and drug use like it is the most common everyday experience. My work tries to capture the same thing, this exposure of reality with no filter or romance when it is not needed.

Chien- Chi Chang

I’m interested in outspoken and brute photography, it reveals the beauty of the simple moments. A lot of times there is no beauty in reality, Chien Chi Chang photographs experiences of very violent moments that are a lot of times overlooked and hidden by society. In 2005 he created a series of photographs called “Double Happiness” that exposes in a very brutal way the bride trade business in Vietnam where young girls are offered to one man who pays and gets the one he likes.

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