Consolidation ADZ6333- Final 3

In the progress of photography, I started being interested in Video art as well. I wanted to experiment with performance and video art and exhibit work that would be through new mediums and something different to what I was doing until Christmas. I created a video for the Under-whelmed and Over-saturated exhibition that I took part in, being my first professional work that was something different from painting. We created a promoting campain with an Instagram page, a Facebook page, many different posters and booked a very big and artistic space for exhibition. I think this was my most successful exhibition tha hosted more than 200 people during the three days of exhibition. I gathered a lot of experience in desplaying artworks, sound and image fasility set up, advertisement and photography skills.

Maria Paraschidou Productions. video, 2020.

Through this experience I felt a lot stronger in exhibiting photography artworks as well as doing something closer to video and performance art. It was a good push and a god base for my current development.

After this exhibition I started visualizing my Degree show exhibition to something closer to photography rather than painting.

At first I could picture my exhibition being photography images in relation to painted backgrounds. I had an image of a caotic space in my mind that would refer to street art and graffiti calture and would create a contrast between the black and white photography and the spray paint.

Due to Covid-19 I had to completely change my practice. In the midle of March I traveled back home to Greece, it was one of the most crucial moments for my degree development, however, the facilities and mediums that I could carry with me were limited.

I chose to stop using film photography as I felt like it made no sense when I am not able to develop my own pictures and experience the whole development and outcome in the dark room as previously. The limited space and time led me to use a digital camera that I borrowed from my friend and start taking pictures of the house.

I was in a 15 days quarantine when I traveled back home and that experience greatly limited my motivation and creativity at the time. I was a lot influenced by the low confidence and the problems I was facing due to the outbreak of the virus.

I started taking pictures and videos of my reality, documenting any supermarket visits and house experiences with my quarantine roommates. Unfortunately, the idea of creating a video came to nothing as the facilities I have are not enough for creating a profecional video through my laptop. Thus, I started focusing on digital photography moving from slow image-making to very fast and numerous image-making.

The first two pictures where an effort to find a person throuh my view from the house, something that was very difficult due to the period. I found out that a security guy or a cop was everyday in the same place. This experience of no people in the city center of Athens made me extremely worried and scared for the future.

In development, I had the idea of starting photograph rituals and experiences that take place in the house.

Firstly I tried a time-lapse of the outside view and the inside view and then created collages:

maybe catalog b&w no space (1)
GoPro Day time-laps, Athens, 2020.
night gopro time-laps
GoPro Night time-laps, Athens 2020.
People gopro time-laps
GoPro indoors time-lapse, Athens, 2020.

looking at these collages I started thinking of doing a “handmade time-lapse” of my house experience. That was when I started taking pictures of similar objects around the house in different days and times, with different backgrounds in order to collect a series of my house experience over quarantine.

I experimented with different digital collages.

Coffee Everyday Routine:

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Experimenting with how to exhibit my work I started thinking of online databases and websites I could use. My first idea was a simple website where you can just view photographs in groups and galleries. That is what I made , However it felt like something that was irrelevant with what I wanted to show and commentate up on through my exhibition. Later I tried an exhibition in Artsteps.

I made an artsteps exhibition with some of the pictures to visualise a possible exhibition to present as my final degree show exhibition, however, it wasn’t what I wanted to do with my pictures. I think that it would look nice as an exhibition, with huge good quality pictures but I still wanted to do something different from a simple display of artworks.

When the lock down was over in Greece I started going out again and photographing the streets still with a digital camera instead of a film camera. Still interested in graffiti and street culture.

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