Consolidation ADZ6333- Final 1

At the start of the year I was still interested in drawing paintings and doing sketches.

During last summer I developed my first film, and with the start of the Level 6 year I experimented with tracing memories from photography and sometimes abstracting shapes taken from photography to create vague outlines, drawings and paintings.

On the one hand, tracing teqnique allowed me to maintain specific details of reality that is hard to depict by hand, on the other hand, copying a picture a lot of times could appear shallow in context. That was something that occupied me a lot during first term.

Through an efort to find my personal style and develop the tracing sketches I started creating collaged sketches. Sketches that would contain parts of diferent images from my photographs.  This kind of scetches started to make more sence as well as carry a personal identity.

Hold my hand when nude- xxx, pen on tracing paper, October 2019, Maria Paraschidou

Every time I followed a ritual to create a drawing, for me it was very important to collect the elements, from a photo, that had a character. When it was people like the Hold my hand when nude-xxx, I wanted to focus on same caracters at different times and possitions.  Some other examples of sketches also contain repetition of caracters in different situtations.


Here there is deffinetely a link to what I do now. Initialy, I had taken the picture and afterwards I would focus on intersting poses and objects, then I would reproduce them to create a new image that is deffinetly very close to reality but is still a drawing. Reality would still matter to me even though I would reproduce it as a drawing; I would focus on my personal view of the image, how I conceive it and reproduce it. Looking into this idea I started realising that maybe it would add more to the image, if would start focusing more on the initial creation of the image; the photography part.

Thus, I started developing film pghotography skills. I chose film as at the time, the slow making image proses allowed me time to focus on elements that I would photograph rather than the quality of the picture or the amount of frames that I would produce.

Meanwhile, a lot of experiments faild to create something that I was interested in to develop.

Collages with minatures of pictures, collages with the drawings and collages on paintings was things that I desplayed on exhibitions and in my studio, however, they had a one time show-life as I could not find my style through them.

I find painting and sketching less interesting lately, so after some failing attempts I focused on developing more photography projects after that.

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