Consolidation ADZ6333- Final 2

Development in different ways of photography.

One Use film camera photography:

In one use camera photography there is no manual options, you point and shoot. Thus, it is very difficult to come out with a good outcome. I tried with 4-5 different films and cameras to come up with some good photos. My first time took very a very long period  until I finished my film as I was paitient to find the best frame to capture, later I was more spontanous and quick up on what to take a picture of as my skill became better. This experience was my first film camera experience and here I have some good ones and bad ones to compare.

One use Fuji camera, well captured and developed pictures, Kimolos, 2019.

In the set of the three pictures I’ve selected some of my favorite ones. There are three elements that I take into account to consider one of my pictures successful. Firstly, like in the first one, movemet and action during a strange or a strong moment. Secondly, a well placed frame that contains an interesting image of reality like the porks in the second one. Lastly, an experimental portrait that is not in a normal position.  As there are no manual options with one use cameras, I focused mainly on having an interesting colour outcome, contrast between elements it the pictures as well as expresive human forms.

In the next two pictures I find less interesting elements and I consider them as failed ones. The portrait one has a shalow context and as for the first one there is barely something visible. However, the first picture could be interesting in a consept of low developing light images that could form a series of vogue and strange outcomes.

One use Fuji camera, not so well captured and developed pictures, Kimolos, 2019.

Canon AE-1 Program camera:

Colour Landscapes:

Colour Portraits:

With this camera the experience was completely different, the choice of a very good lence changed the quality of the outcome and I was able to focus on a smaller scope in the image. I presisely placed models and picked landscapes of artistic interest that reveal spots with very clear details. I believe that I did a huge progress with photography skills because of film camera photography as it is challenging and fussy.

Canon AE-1 Program Camera, two of my best colour film camera frames, 2019.

There is an evident progress in portrait capturing, there is an interest in the vogue shapes that the different colours create because of the adjastements I made with the camera, the movement of the different human forms and the modest breadth that is created by the 1,8 focus point adjustment. In the second image I’ve selected a landscape one that contains interestind aftrenoon light that I belive is very well captured and elements of both a city environent as well as a contrast with an exotic plant image. i I belive both the pictures managed to show some skills in photography.

Black and White Landscape, developed by me:

Black and white portarits, developed by me: 

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