Gap Crit N.II- Photography



In this Gap Crit, I chose to exhibit my film photography for the first time.

It was an important experience because it made me realize that I don’t have to be a professional photographer to show my pictures.

After a critique up on my display and pictures, it was the first time that I actually thought that I could use my picture for the degree show.

I lately stopped painting as I mentioned in my artist statement. I feel frustrated and confused with my paintings so I chose to take some distance for a while. However, I think it might be a strange period of time to do it when I have only less than two months for the exhibition. It might be a failure if I do something that I am not familiar with.

In this Gap Crit key phrases like the slow process of image-making, enigmatic choices in terms of display, frustration, ignorance, abandonment, physical experience, and procedure that is against today’s picture culture where mentioned.

They all are thoughts that I continuously make in order to understand what my practice is about.

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