Context ideas; What is this exhibition about?

Amateur protests- studio screaming.


I am very confused about what my practice is about. The degree show exhibition is my chance to expose my thoughts and concerns into a bigger audience and to prove that my art is something important.

This year has been extremely pressing in terms of research, I almost feel that I lost all of my spontaneous creativity and I can no longer make something just because I feel like it. Everything needs to be researched, have a context and prove a point.

Which is something that I also fail to do a the end?

I have a tittle in this post that could possibly be my exhibition title.

By amateur protests, I mean that the context of my work is there at the end of my tong ready to scream out, but still, my creations are kind of shallow through my eyes.

I want to create protests and comment on political issues that I think of all day, make art for my culture and the new cultures I live in. I want to make it fun, use sarcasm and humor but still, my creations are not smart enough.

This exhibition is about me learning how to express my self in order for people to understand me and my concepts. I don’t know if it matters what the medium will be, as I call my self a painter but I don’t paint that much.


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