My Black and White film photography

I developed two of my films in the darkroom in the university as part of my subject work.

I am lately experimenting with photography and I think that it was really important to experience the whole prosses of creating a photograph.  I like to use a film camera so that I can entirely experience the prosses of every still until it is printed.


The film developing prosses needs precise actions and a careful following of every step. You have to make tests with every picture and by observing every picture you have to expose it to the right light to produce the appropriate outcome.





Film 2, November 2019.


I photographed some of my work with the film camera because I found interesting the idea of photographing artworks so they transform to a different thing. My question is what will my work look like just and only presented as a photograph and not physically presented in a space?

This is a story that was inspired after researching the work of David Shrigley. I found really interesting the way he illustrates simple designs to produce funny stories of everyday life and thoughts we all do. I made a series of drawing that is a story of one of my ordinary everyday studio thoughts. A Simple Day

David Shrigley, New Friends, 2006

Some other pictures that I took with my came are more landscape pictures of Cardiff, focusing on the streets and the surroundings of the city.

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