Forms in Space… by Light (in Time) in Tate Britain


Last year I visited Tate Britain Museum for the first time. I had already visited Tate Moder more than ones and several exhibitions around London during the months that I spent building my portfolio for my interview at universities. This spectacle that I confronted with the ”Forms in Space… by Light (in Time)”  installation was something outstanding. From the first moment that my eyes contacted the lighted formes on the seeling, I could not stop observing it. Curves, lines, angles, circles pure geometrical shapes and altogether the chaos. This spectacle provoked me the strong feeling of awe.

I spent more than fifteen minutes of looking carefully at the shapes and the antithesis effectuated between the neon lights and the old building. Two completely different styles of art created a peaceful atmosphere into the hall. You could walk beneath them and still be affected by the reflections of the shapes onto the ground, you could not slip away from them. The natural organic colours of the old building added vigour and strength to the artificial neon lightning and the view of the entire art piece could be described as chaotic and peaceful at the same time.

At that time I was entirely absorbed by the view, that I completely omitted to look for an explanation of the artwork. Later as I was researching into neon colours for the last project an article about the ”Forms in Space… by Light (in Time)”  intrigued my interest. This article was about the installation that had blown my mind with inspiration in Tate Gallery. The influence of this exhibition on my final outcome is indirect. The peaceful coexistence of the contemporary along with the old building lead my mind to create connections between the two different worlds of art. I started looking at old Greek statues and fundamental old artworks of the past coupled with contemporary art.



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