Context: Material Practice Consolidation Project’s and Pablo Picasso

My work during the Material Practise Consolidation Project is constituted by two Key elements, the line and the colour. The colour is the secondary component, it’s existence in the painting both strengthen and give prominence to the illusion of the three-dimensional effect that the line creates. The usage of the watered colour (ink, watercolour, acrylic) as the substance for the creation of the background, achieve to build a depth behind the solid three-dimensional shapes made only by lines. However, in order to lead to a final piece, I chose to experiment with different mediums on paper to verify the coherence between the two elements.

Watercolour on paper induced the best for my eye outcome, but acrylic paint with a big amount of water worked better with the wooden surfaces that my final painting intended to be painted on. I also experimented with solid plane black paper and posca coloured markers to try the reversed outcome. The black paper offered a similar depth effect to my background in combination with the line shapes.

A line can be a quick form of creating simple sketches, as well as simple forms. Pablo Picasso used its simple form to depict still life, portraits and animals.

All through this project, I am interested in artists that work with simple lines but translate them into great visual artworks. Pablo Picasso during his prolific career tried out variety manners of art mediums. His simple sketches with the line were ones that intrigued me the most. He created animals, portraits and still life with few simple lines, almost appear as effortless prosses but with an outstanding outcome to the viewer.

‘Looking at his work The Bull you can see how he worked away at the complex image bit by bit reducing it to a single fluid line that still posses all the power of the bull itself. His single line drawings are so simple but at the same time so powerful as they create so much using a single unbroken line.’ (, 2018)

For my practice, Picasso helped me explain my willingness to use simple lines to depict movement and alive forms. I’ve been a lot influenced by his abstract work and the simplicity of his forms.


Your Bibliography: (2018). Pablo Picasso Drawings. [online] Available at: [Accessed  25 May. 2018].

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